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After completion, Incheon International Airport is able to handle 62 million passengers and 5.8 million tons of cargo a year, up from the previous capacity of 44 million passengers and 4.5 million tons. Incheon’s expansion also include adding more aprons to park planes and extending a railway line to the city center of Seoul about 70 kilometres away from the airport. The airport also signed an agreement to build a resort called «Inspire» which includes 6-star hotels, theme parks, and a casino. In Phase 1, the airport had a capacity of 30 million passengers annually, and a cargo capacity of 1.7 million metric tonnes annually. Inch’ŏn, also spelled Incheon, port city, Kyŏnggi do , northwestern South Korea. It lies near the mouth of the Han River, 25 miles west-southwest of Seoul, limefxh which it is connected by highway and railroad.

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In 2019, the airport served a total of 70,857,908 passengers. A new passenger terminal opened on 18 January 2018, and Korean Air, KLM, Delta Air Lines, and Air France flights were relocated from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. Other SkyTeam members such as Aeromexico, Alitalia, China Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, XiamenAir, Czech Airlines and Aeroflot started serving the Terminal 2 on 28 October 2018. Rest of the SkyTeam members, such as Vietnam Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, will be relocated to Terminal 2 after the Phase 4 construction work is complete. In November 1992, the construction of the Incheon airport began on reclaimed land between Yeongjong Island and Youngyu Island, and took eight years to finish, limefxh an additional six months for testing.

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Munhak Stadium consists of a main stadium, a baseball field, a auxiliary stadium, a swimming pool, a football stadium, a square, an x-game field, a camping ground and an artificial rock wall. The closest https://limefx.club/ station is Munhak Stadium on Incheon Subway Line No. 1, named after the stadium. This is a multi-billion dollar planned city where Korea’s tallest building, the North Asia Trade Tower, is located.

However, a number of large shopping malls, including Shinsegae Department limefxre, will be located in and around Incheon University Station in 2020. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Incheon International Airport. For departing passengers, Seoul Station City Airport Terminal has check-in and immigration facilities before arrival at the airport. The airport was originally planned to be built in three phases, incrementally increasing airport capacity as the demand grew.


Songdo Central Park, Yeonsu-gu Songdo-dong Convensia-daero 160. It is a large park between tall buildings in downtown Songdo, where boats, canoes and water taxis can be taken on the 3.6-kilometer waterway. You can see deer and rabbits and rent a multi-seater or single bicycle. It is a tourist attraction in Songdo which has a very fine view. Many people also say that the area around the university feels desolate due to lack of development.

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Incheon International Airport (IIA; Korean: 인천국제공항) (IATA: ICN, ICAO: RKSI) (sometimes referred to as Seoul–Incheon International Airport) is the largest airport in South Korea. It is the primary airport serving the Seoul Capital Area and one of the largest and busiest airports in the world.

Following completion of the works, it is expected that the hourly flight capacity of the airport will limefx cheating increase from 90 to 107. Incheon Bus Terminal refers to an area surrounding the city’s bus terminal.

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This was changed, however, to four phases after the airport was opened. The Incheon Subway has two subway lines serving the city. The first line connects to the Seoul Metropolitan Subway system at Bupyeong Station , and AREX line at Gyeyang Station. It connects International Business District Station in Songdo to Gyeyang Station. The line has 28 stations on 29.4 kilometres (18.3 miles) of track. The line also has transfer stations limefxh the Suin Line at Woninjae Station, limefxh the Incheon Subway Line 2 at Incheon City Hall Station, and limefxh Seoul Subway Line 7 at Bupyeong-gu Office Station. Incheon Subway Line 2 opened in July 2016 and runs from Geomdan Oryu Station to Unyeon Station.

To help you organize your Incheon trip ideas, this Incheon visitors guide provides travel information and trip tips about how to get there, where to stay, what to do, where to eat and more. Yeongjong Island or Yeongjongdo – this island, accessible by bridge, is where the airport is located, and is set in a rural landscape limefxh farms and beaches. Incheon’s premier city center park, Jahyou means «freedom» in Korean, which gives you a clue as to why people love it so much.

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Parents and children will love Eurwangni Beach too, because the average depth of the sea is about 1.5 meters, which is not so dangerous for kids. The beach is also a great astronomical observation spot, where you will be able to appreciate the beautiful sunset, as well as gaze up at the stars and galaxies. If you want to enjoy a relaxing hot bath in Incheon, you should probably go to Spasis, the biggest jjimjilbang in Incheon.


There are also a botanical garden, a children’s zoo, artificial turf playing grounds, and some beautiful lakes limefxhin the park. Innocuous enough from the outside, Goose Goose is perhaps the largest and busiest westerner zone in town on a Saturday night. The «pub jukebox» is an open desktop computer running iTunes. Perhaps the only ‘Western-style’ bar outside of Bupyeong regularly packed limefxh foreigners. The pub is quite well hidden and therefore tends to attract the same local English teachers rather than wandering tourists. On the 3rd floor in the same building is the massive King Kong Hof, also frequented by Westerners on weekends.

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It was a comprehensive international event limefxh global institutions and corporations as participants. Various musicians and artists performed during the event. The city’s growth has been assured in modern times limefxh the development of its port due to its natural advantages as a coastal city and its proximity to the South Korean capital. It is part of the Seoul Capital Area, along limefxh Seoul itself and Gyeonggi Province, forming the world’s fourth-largest metropolitan area by population. The Port of Incheon was granted Metropolitan Status in 1981, giving the central government direct control of the city.

Jakyakdo is a tiny island located in the harbor close between Wolmido and Yeongjongdo. There are many walkways and picnic spots, a restaurant, and seasonal rental rooms.