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The last comprehensive analysis of the technology, conducted by the American Physical Society in 2011, estimated that it would cost $600 per tonne. I live with and am married to someone I love, and who rocks my world even those days when we’re butting heads. I have many friends, some of whom have been with me for decades, though we’re at the age where some are being stolen from my life by bad luck and bad genes.

Here I’m going to say that I don’t have the expertise to evaluate this statement. Like most people who confront a statement that they can’t evaluate, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to the side I trust the most in this debate. Based upon family stories about Soviet behavior after WWII, it’s the Western historians. You are free to choose to give the benefit of the doubt to other voices. There is certainly a range of opinion as to the culpability of the soviet government in mis-managing collectivization, agricultural policy in general and in then responding to the crisis. And there are legitimate questions as to the intent of the administrative responses in the case of Ukraine which in combination made the rural famine that much worse.

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Quite far from regular stories of bloody revolution (although there wasn’t many details in this story), but many of them later became famous people. As if I needed any more reason to be scared while using the roads. I can’t wait for the results of the investigation (thankfully not a coroner’s report). My bet is human error during assembly, because they’re the people least likely to be able to afford to sue. Please provide your sources for the above because it’s nothing like what I’ve heard from extended family some of whom had farms. These elderly folk were pretty consistent wrt to details, i.e., the gov’t nationalized farms leaving peasants maybe an acre for their own family’s usage in lieu of payment for their forced labor on now gov’t-owned farms.

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So assuming you don’t need 24/7 and some need less I’d still say you need at least 3 people to look after your 2-5 if you want to allow the care givers to work only 40 hours per week, eat lunch and have a week or two off every now and then. Factor in turn over and training and 3 may be really 4 or 5. In any case, I’d say from experience that it’s hard to write upbeat prose when people you love pass and institutions you value are under threat. For example, I see the Deep Anthropocene as a good setting for stories, but I can’t bring myself to write them yet, perhaps ever.

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The VPS is available for free for high frequency traders. No matter what method of trading is employed, stop-loss orders​ can be placed to help control this risk and manage position size, so that if the stop-loss is triggered, it only results in losing a small portion of the trading account. However, stop-losses are not always effective, xcritical scammers even GSLOs, therefore other risk management practises should also be taken into consideration. High-frequency trading is highly debated and charges have been levelled against many HFT firms for illegal activities. The argument for HFT is that, in most cases, it provides substantial trading volume and liquidity to the market.

  • Well, some areas of the world that’s likely correct, such as South America.
  • I train my hind brain to do whatever it is, washing dishes, putting labels on bottles, whatever and let it run the body.
  • Conveniently it’s tropical so the usable range is likely to expand.
  • I’m genuinely confused – because I never saw a push for nuclear – just a push for more plant closures and extra oversight.

I have no idea, the road to hell is paved with good intentions or frozen door-to-door salesmen, and I have a nagging fear of coming down on the same page as the pre-WW2 communists supporting the Hitler-Stalin pact… And let’s imagine that SAN ROLLS are 100% there and MK-ULTRA happened and that «conspiracy theories» are the lamest, laziest response to some fairly fucking evil stuff. Let’s assume some very smart bears or tigers read all the counter-culture culture hacking stuff and learned how to break the USA’s cultural marbles. If you know you’re doing this deliberately you’re pretty much Evil. Even if you’ve been conditioned to see it as moral.

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Instead, take all of the first downs as touchdowns and make sure you make a prize out of them. Foreign exchange trading comes with high level of risk. Before investing in foreign exchange, carefully consider your level of experience and risk appetite. CFDs are complex instruments and bring high risk of losing money because of the leverage they provide.

Unfortunately, that means the bottleneck will get worse over the next few decades, according to Mr. Walston and his co-authors, because urbanization imposes short-term costs, including an increase in overall consumption. But it also leads to reduced per capita https://xcritical.expert/ energy consumption, as well as reduced birthrates, and it reopens old habitat in abandoned rural areas to wildlife. Mr. Walston and his co-authors go on to argue against the increasingly common view that these are the end times for life as we know it.

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But it warms my heart to read about someone else who knows & uses the 2 second rule to maintain a safe following distance. Mostly, cruise control helps in those situations where you have to drive all day. By the time you’re near the end of the trip, gotta-get-there-itis becomes so overwhelming the temptation to speed becomes almost irresistible. «Do you argue that commons can’t work, because of this name? Many people do.» I certainly don’t, and neither do Jar, icehawk or JH.

  • You can find them in a book called The Burrowers Beneath, which I would heartily recommend for anyone who enjoys Lovecraft.
  • But what energy expenditure that assumed, and whether that assumed breeder reactors or not, I don’t have a clue.
  • Then there’s the modern use, which is having a big ugly car to bully people with, so that they get out of your way.
  • During a flood year they can move into full production and grow bumper crops.

This type of behaviour is actually build into the human psychology and the same behaviour is common to most living creatures. We human just are able to kill the whole planet with our behaviour – most of the species manage only self-extinction or near-extinction. What we need is something that eats any long-chain carbon polymer that doesn’t run away, but that can only live in salt water. Tall wood gets green light from building code This is actually a big deal, It allows the construction of timber skyscrapers, allowing the replacement of cement and steel with heavy timber and engineered plywood.

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I have to remember not to use less than/greater than signs. To expand my point, Charlie, Greg and myself grew up within about 400 miles of each other but in areas administered by 3 different examination boards, who could set different xcritical syllibii and use different source texts for the same subject at the same level. This means that your belief requires deliberate actions to cover up the facts that would support your belief on an international scale.